Workplace Investigations

Workplace Investigations

In almost any organization there will be, at some point, situations where someone believes his or her rights were disregarded or policies were not applied fairly. The fallout can cost an organization a backbreaking price in terms of financial and emotional resources. Winning or losing a claim can sometimes turn on showing that a prompt, thorough investigation was made. Investigations can also be an excellent tool for discovering problems and preventing their reoccurrence. Investigators from Richwood Consulting Group are seasoned attorneys and/or Human Resource professionals who conduct investigations with an eye to reducing the likelihood of litigation and addressing problems so they can be avoided in the future.

As an employment litigator, Ms. Blackwood knew what she needed to see in an investigation she would have to defend in court.  She conducts and oversees investigations that address those needs.  Many of her referrals come from organizations’ outside counsel eager for a thorough investigation conducted by an impartial investigator who is aware of possible legal and policy pitfalls.  They are grateful for a comprehensive report that addresses these issues fairly and promptly.

Types of investigations include, but are not limited to:

  • Sexual Harassment
  • Discrimination – age, race, religion, sexual orientation
  • Disparate Impact
  • Pay Equity