Time and time again, individuals are promoted to or hired into managerial positions, with little or no training as to how to manage people or basic information of the employment laws or policies they are expected to follow.  This void can wreak havoc in a workplace and have devastating effects on an organization’s bottom line as employees leave, misbehave, or land their employers in court.  Richwood recognizes the identifiable link between how employees are treated and organizational success.

Richwood provides a variety of training programs that educate employees about the laws they are expected to follow, their own company policy, and optimum workplace conduct.  Our programs are not boilerplate, but are customized to each organization’s industry, and specific concerns.  Sessions are interactive, lively and filled with humor.  Programs include, but are not limited to:

Sexual Harassment Prevention

Our programs satisfy Section 46a-54 (15) (B) and 46a-54-204 of the Connecticut General Statutes Training Requirements and can be tailored to the needs of other jurisdictions as well.  Generally, Connecticut law requires that sexual harassment prevention training be provided for any person or employer with fifty or more employees.  The program is interactive, includes case studies and addresses each organization’s specific anti-harassment policy.  At the end of the program, participants will be made aware of applicable laws, their company policy and procedures for reporting complaints as well as suggestions on ways to intervene if they experience or witness harassment.

Managing Within the Law

Our signature seminar recognizes that managers put themselves and their businesses at risk when they act illegally or unprofessionally.  It combines an overview of employment laws every manager should know with strategies for managing employees consistently and fairly. This program includes:

  • Interactive, half-day training that not only satisfies CT Sexual Harassment Prevention Training requirements, but also takes a proactive approach to other employment landmines.
  • Topics include, but are not limited to, unprofessional conduct, hostile work environment, Duty to Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, disparate treatment, discrimination and managing an increasingly diverse workforce.
  • Emphasis that there is a strong link between how employees are treated, the manager’s knowledge of basic employment laws and ultimate business success.
  • Diversity Training – Richwood Consulting Group one of only five consulting groups certified to provide CT State mandated diversity training
  • Interviewing
  • Performance Management
Diversity Training

Connecticut law requires that all state employees receive a minimum of 3 hours of diversity training. This training will give employees the skills they need to promote awareness of and respect for diversity in the workplace. In this class, participants will learn:

  • Information about the federal and state laws concerning discrimination and hate crimes.
  • Standards for working with and serving people from diverse populations.
  • Strategies for addressing differences that may arise in a diverse work environment.

Richwood is one of only five contractors in Connecticut approved to conduct state mandated Diversity training for State employees.

Effective Interviewing Skills (EIS)

Workshop designed to provide managers with the knowledge, skills and processes needed to uncover critical candidate qualifications.  Legal aspects of the interviewing process are addressed to avoid bias and legally impermissible inquiries.

Performance Evaluations (PE)

Half-day workshop, which demonstrates how to conduct more productive, less stressful performance appraisal meetings by making them part of an ongoing process. PE leads participants through the entire performance evaluation process, from setting performance objectives to the close of the appraisal meeting.  Workshop addresses appraisal processes most likely to stand up to a potential legal challenge.

Leadership Training

Designed to provide the fundamental skills required by supervisors to reach their business objectives.  Modules include Interpersonal Communication Skills, Conflict Resolution, Coaching, and Performance Evaluation.

Millennials in the Workplace

The Millennial Generation, born since 1982, is now arriving in the workplace. Managing Millennials in the Workplace (MMW) is a one-day workshop designed for those who need to attract, retain, and energize the Millennial workforce. MMW provides participants with background on older generations in the workplace, insight into how the Millennials are different, and strategies for effectively interacting with this youth generation.