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In today’s climate many employees are at a loss as to how to conduct themselves.  They are used to behaving in a certain way and don’t realize that workplace rules have changed.  Behaviors that used to be accepted no longer are and can expose employers to substantial risk.  Ms. Blackwood’s one on one coaching is designed to help employees deal with issues related to EEO, diversity and general workplace conduct.

Ms. Blackwood is often referred by outside counsel to coach employees who may have violated policies or EEO laws.  She provides in depth one on one training to individuals on behaviors that may expose employers to liability or compromise morale.  She engages clients in deep, honest exploration of their behaviors and their words to reveal how they affect colleagues and their organization’s productivity.  While exhibiting a measured, non-confrontational demeanor, Ms. Blackwood holds a mirror to her clients so they can see how they come across to others.  She helps them uncover workplace goals they were previously unaware they had.

Many clients come as part of a last chance final warning, while others see morale in their organizations floundering and want to know how to address it.